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Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Fri 7:00am - 5:00pm
Sat 8:00am - 4:00pm
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Meadowvale Toyota


Refresh the look of your car with Meadowvale Toyota’s detailing services, perfect for both interior and exterior care. Keep your car gleaming with the same radiance and allure it had fresh off the lot.

At Meadowvale Toyota, we offer complete Toyota car detailing service in Mississauga. We treat each vehicle with the highest care, as if it were our own. We promise to restore your vehicle's shine to like-new condition. By using only genuine Toyota parts and accessories, our team of detail-oriented specialists works with precision to ensure that every aspect of your vehicle is perfect.

Schedule your detailing service appointment online or call us directly at 1 (855) 886-4198 for a personalized experience. Take advantage of our drive-in appraisal service!


Discover our Professional Car Detailing Package at Meadowvale Toyota! 


  • For cars: $149.95
  • For Vans / Trucks / SUV : $169.95


Here's what's included in our professional car detailing package:

    •  Remove all mats and trunk liner, soak with soap
    • Degrease body panels, door jams and trunk seam
    • Degrease wheel wells
    • Spray wheels with wheel cleaner
    • Power wash rinse of all panels, wheels, wells and mats
    • Hang mats to dry
    • Complimentary exterior wash
    • Rinse
    • Dry exterior with chamois
    • Vacuum floors and seats
    • Vacuum truck if accessible
    • Clean all interior panels
    • Clean leather seats (if applicable)
    • Spot clean seats and floors
    • Shampoo all floors and seats including trunk
    • Dress all interior panels
    • Clean interior and exterior glass including all three mirrors
    • Dress tires
    • Wipe down all door jams and trunk seam
    • Dry mats with air and re-install
    • Install paper floor mat


As a bonus, we offer a fabric guard on mats and carpets, keeping your interior pristine for longer

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At Meadowvale Toyota, we are here to fine-tune every detail so that your vehicle is not just ready for the road, but shines at every turn. Our personalized car detailing services are the perfect finishing touch for your Toyota that never goes unnoticed.


Here are the add-ons offered at our car detailing service:

  • Engine shampoo: $39.95
  • Pet hair removal: $99.95
  • Fabric protection: $69.95
  • Hand wax: $79.95
  • Clay bar: $74.99
  • Clay bar & wax: $149.95


*** It's recommended to clay bar the vehicle before any wax to remove contamination***