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How to choose between hybrid and rechargeable hybrid ?

How to choose between hybrid and rechargeable hybrid ?

How to choose between hybrid and rechargeable hybrid ?


2023 Toyota RAV4 Prime, red, front house


In this era of hybrid and electric vehicles, it is important to know how to make a difference between hybrid and rechargeable hybrid in order to choose what suits you best! Meadowvale Toyota in Ontario help you understand the real difference between hybrid and rechargeable hybrid vehicles.


Hybrid engine – how it works?


From the outset, mention that hybrid engine is characterized by the presence of two engines: Fuel engine and electric engine. The principle resides in recharging the battery by driving with your fuel engine, whereas the battery gathers the brake power by allowing less energy consuming. 


The SUV, trucks and hybrid sedan will procure a certain number of advantages in which we will illustrate here:




  • No stop at the terminal to recharge your vehicle
  • Our estimate shows that you will reduce your fuel consumption by 30 to 55% and that, depending on the environmental and climate conditions.
  • Brake changing and the general maintenance of the vehicle will be reduced.
  • The buying price will be lower than the one with rechargeable hybrid.


Hybrid at Toyota:


Vehicle precursor and hybrid SUV, the hybrid collection is impressive at the Japanese manufacturer: We can think of Toyota Camry hybrid, to the Highlander hybrid SUV, RAV4 hybrid, sedan Corolla hybrid, Sienna hybrid, truck Tundra hybrid, massive SUV Sequoia hybrid, middle SUV Venza hybrid and the Prius. 

2022 Toyota Camry XSE Hybrid, Gray

Hybrid rechargeable engine – How it works?



Hybrid rechargeable vehicle (or pluggable hybrid, PHEV, depending on the experts’ terms) have the same criteria as an hybrid engine, but we add the possibility to recharge the battery using external terminal. This battery can be charged at home or a public recharge terminal like we notice them more often in Ontario.


The advantages:

If we can find the same advantages like the one mentioned above regarding the hybrid vehicle, it is necessary toad:

  • Your vehicle will be eligible to government subsidies for electric vehicles.
  • You can drive small distances without using a single drop of fuel.
  • No reliability to the vehicle electric autonomy during long distances
  • Oil changing will be less frequent



Rechargeable Hybrid at Toyota:


We have mentioned it previously, Toyota shine during this new chapter of hybrid rechargeable vehicles. Two flagship models can be cited here regarding these rechargeable hybrid: RAV4 Prime and Prius Prime.



You will discover at the same time those new and used vehicles at Boulevard Toyota.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime, red, front building

How to choose a Hybrid vehicle pluggable or hybrid?


You are looking for a vehicle registered with a heavy trend at the marketplace, which means a vehicle with less consumption fuel at the pump, and which allow you to participate at the environmental effort and the reduction of greenhouse gas. Hybrid or rechargeable hybrid what to choose?


Hybrid suits well in rural areas:



If ,by nature, you rather drive a hybrid vehicle or rechargeable hybrid, you do know for sure that you will have no stress in plugging your vehicle, as this one charge itself by driving. You will have a peace of mind, while developing new ecoresponsable habits, all along your long journey in your vehicle.


Hybrid vehicle suit very well to anyone who want to go green, but who doesn’t wish to vehicle to be plugging in the electric terminal.


Rechargeable Hybrid suits well in urban areas



Rechargeable hybrid suit well individuals whom performance comes first. For example, RAV4 Prime boost 302 horsepower against 219 for the RAV4 hybrid.



It is by charging your vehicle regularly that you will obtain a better rechargeable hybrid autonomy; recharging terminal will then be necessary. However, the need to charge means that to adventure yourself on less beaten path could increase your fuel consumption., in the absence of charging terminals.



In the case of rechargeable hybrid vehicle, the battery being much bigger, it is put under the floor of the vehicle, which allow us to put to the market bigger vehicles, but also much heavier et hence with a better traction.



At the end, hybrid or rechargeable hybrid? In both two cases, you will reduce your vehicle ecological footprint and it fuel consumption. After, depending on your lifestyle and how you define yourself as a driver. Just know nevertheless that the technology evolves, this last one allows us to put to the street calibre vehicle. The best SUV big format hybrid are less energy consuming thankful to the hybrid system or rechargeable hybrid.



Come explore all our models to your car dealership Meadowvale Toyota in Ontario. A team of experts will showcase you all the differences between hybrid and rechargeable hybrid. We are waiting for you!

2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime, red, on road


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